A/B Testing

In with the Good. Out with the Bad. Mathematically.

Test Everything

It’s no longer good enough to guess what your audience will react to. And don’t ask them because they don’t know! Only data can reveal the logical path forward. All ideas should be tested and only those that have been proven to be valid should get implemented. With a well conceived and managed A/B testing program in place, improvement is a mathematical certainty. And that just makes us all feel warm and fuzzy doesn’t it?

a/b testing

Smarter A/B Testing

A/B testing requires skill in so many different areas: copywriting, HTML/CSS/PHP/JS, graphic design, conversion optimization, strategic marketing… etc. Sadly, it’s rare to find a CRO agency with a high level of proficiency in all of these areas… so…

“Hello!” and welcome to smarter A/B testing! Our methodology has been developed over many years and we’ve used most of the major testing platforms. With our systemized approach, we’re able to:

  • Increase all types of conversions including form submissions, opt-ins, sales, subscriptions, social shares, page views, whatever!
  • Find creative, innovative, and technically complex ways to increase engagement with your web leads
  • Deliver valuable insights and market research data that will help you improve your product or service
  • Make your marketing dollars go further than before

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We’re a Convert.com Certified Agency

convert certified conversion rate optimization agency

Not sure if you can benefit from A/B testing? Had a negative experience with another CRO agency? Ask us your toughest questions (we’re experts) and we’ll let you know if we think you’re a good candidate for A/B testing.

Lower Costs Across All Channels

Marketing spend is typically split across many lead channels (Facebook / Adwords / Instagram / Direct Mail / LinkedIn, etc.). When a winning variation improves conversion rate by even a few percent, the cost per lead/sale/acquisition across all channels is driven down, leaving room to increase lead volume or bid higher and edge out competitors. The benefit from winning variations compounds over time and the effect can be profound.

ab testing channels

More Leads, Sales, Page Views, Love.

If you are driving traffic to landing pages or content via paid advertising then it’s simple: you want more goal completions but you’d like to pay less for each one. A well-designed and executed A/B testing program will increase conversion rates, boost the efficacy of marketing budgets, and deliver valuable market research data that can be applied across channels both online and offline.

ab testing lead gen

Lead Gen

Increase lead capture conversion rates and drive down cost-per-lead (CPL)

ab testing ecommerce


Improve conversion rates on product pages, cart pages, and up sell pages

ab testing publishing


Increase click-through-rate (CTR), average page views, and social sharing

ab testing branding


Refine brand messaging and identify most responsive audience segments

Minimal Client-Side Resources, Maximum Rewards.

We basically do everything. First, we’ll install a tiny code snippet into the back end of your website that allows us to host variations. Once we understand your business, we’ll develop a theory about why a particular change might work better. Changes can involve page layout, headlines, body copy, buttons, forms, calls-to-action, offers… virtually anything on the page can and should be tested
. Then, we’ll create an alternate version on our testing server with our changes and send you a live working proof. Once you approve, we’ll split off a segment of website visitors and run them through our variation and measure the results. If it’s a winner, we’ll push the changes live and move on to the next test. If not, we’ll try to understand why and suggest alternate ideas. Roughly 7/10 tests will produce a positive result. It’s common to see improvements in the +30% range after the first few months of testing.

Want Your A/B Testing Done Right?

We’ve helped clients from startups to the Quantcast Top 100 and Fortune 500 dramatically increase conversion rates. Our methodology is proven and you can trust us to maximize your testing budget. Call us at (310) 736-1704 or click the button below to send us a message if you’d like to find out more about our awesome and affordable A/B testing program.

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