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Landing pages are everything. They’re the first touch experience for visitors from paid traffic sources that are new to your company or brand. So everything from coding to copywriting to design to the call-to-action needs to be executed with skill and finesse. Users are far less forgiving with landing pages vs. content pages because they’re in search mode or shopping mode and if you don’t deliver on every level… they’re gone. Ad providers are even more humorless.

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What a High Converting Landing Page Does for You

When new clients contact us they never ask us about landing pages, when in fact the entire success of our marketing plan will depend on them. So since you are savvy and you’re asking we’ll tell you! Here’s the high-level: landing page conversion rate directly impacts your cost per lead (CPL) and cost per acquisition (CPA) or cost per sale (CPS). Lower numbers across these KPI’s means your marketing budget will stretch further, increasing marketplace penetration and reach.

Anatomy of a Winning Landing Page. And A Secret! But First…

A staggering amount of strategic planning happens before any landing pages get built. We’ll weigh factors like traffic source (Facebook, Adwords, LinkedIn, Organic, etc.), audience segmentation, and messaging in order to develop our funnels, which include landing pages.

Here’s the secret: Each landing page we build is a test in progress and the process of refinement is continual. We use A/B testing in order to increase conversion rate and lower CPL and CPA/CPS.

Web design style changes from year to year and landing pages are no different. Certain conventions get established and before you break them, you’ve gotta know what they are. For this reason, competitive research plays a big part in every landing page build we do. When it’s time to execute, our skill and knowledge across multiple disciplines gives us (and you) a huge advantage.

landing pages copywriting


We’re chameleons when it comes to copy. Whatever flavor is called for – we can deliver.

landing pages web design

Web Design

Our web/graphic design team excels at balancing aesthetics with conversion optimization.

landing-pages media savvy

Media Savvy

We’ll incorporate images, animated GIFs, vector graphics, and video to engage visitors.

landing pages code optimization

Code Optimization

Our developers code web pages to load blazing fast so the user experience is optimal.

landing pages html css js


We’ll use responsive styling or separate templates to optimize for desktop/tablet/mobile.

landing pages cta call to action

Call to Action (CTA)

Oh the many ways we have to make your offer irresistible! But we can’t tell you everything here.

When all these factors come together, you get high converting landing pages that fulfill expectations and deliver on ‘promises’ made by ad creatives. And, the user is able to find exactly what they were looking for and complete the page goal easily. It’s a win-win for all parties.

Get More Action From Your Visitors!

We’ve built landing pages that convert as high as 45%. We’re able to get crazy high numbers like that partly because our page goals are designed to match intent and always take traffic source into consideration. Here are some of the things we ask visitors to do on our landing pages:

landing pages warm leads

Warmed Up!

It’s often better to send prospects to a great content piece before introducing your product or service

landing pages lead capture form


Our single and multi-step inquiry forms are optimized for conversions

landing pages rfq quote-request


Your sales team receives RFQs and handles follow up, supported by email automation

landing pages request callback


In some cases your sales staff will have the best chance to convert leads

landing pages free trial

Free Trial

Let users try your product or service for free (and make it easy to cancel)

We Handle Everything

Our landing page solutions are incredibly sophisticated in terms of capabilities, yet easy to implement. The design and coding of the pages is handled by our team, and the pages typically reside on a subdirectory of your main website or on a separate URL. All we require are your images and video (if applicable) and some copy to work with. We will not require your in-house design team, webmaster or IT staff. In other words you get to relax while we slave away!

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Want Better Landing Pages?

We’ve helped clients from startups to the Quantcast Top 100 and Fortune 500 dramatically increase leads, sales and lower their CPL/CPA/CPS by building targeted landing pages. Call us at (310) 736-1704 or click the button below to send us a message if you’d like to find out more about how kick-ass landing pages can literally revolutionize your marketing.

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