No Tricks. Just Rigorous Technical Optimization and Systemized Content Strategy.

It’s Not Dead

It’s just evolved into something far more powerful.

As you might have heard, content marketing is all the rage these days – some even call it the “new SEO”. Creating great content is the best way to attract quality links and improve search rankings. But publishing great content is NOT enough. Without a properly optimized site and an eager audience, even the best content will do you no good. That’s where we come in.

seo - search engine optimization

We Do Things Differently

We combine the technical aspects of SEO with the creative and social elements of content marketing to create a powerful engine to attract natural links, improve search rankings, and increase organic search traffic, often dramatically.

seo on page optimization

On-Page Optimization

We start by ensuring that your site is fully optimized or “Google-friendly”, from measuring load time to evaluating url structures.

seo niche analysis

Niche Analysis

Next, we perform an in-depth niche analysis, dissecting your competition and charting a path

seo content marketing

Awesome Content

We create a stream of great content – the kind that your target audience craves.

seo natural links

Natural Links

Then, using social channels and targeted social promotion, we build an engaged following to drive to that content.

The net result? A strong, natural link profile and a high volume of social signals – the very factors that drive rankings on Google, Bing, and other search engines.1

Attract High Converting Traffic

Organic search traffic might just be the highest quality and best converting traffic there is. Search traffic derives its power from searcher INTENT: people searching know what they are looking for. And while paid search ads (Adwords) can be a fantastic way to tap into that intent, their reach is limited. 80% of users ignore paid ads2, making SEO a ‘crazy-powerful’ long term play.

seo attract high converting traffic

We Eat SEO Companies for Breakfast

We’re experts in both technical SEO and content marketing. We’ve driven over 100 million users to web content – we know this game inside and out, and we’re ready to help you win it.

We Love to Geek Out Over Technical SEO Factors

Backlinks still matter – sort of – but technical SEO factors now play a bigger role than ever before. We’ll perform a technical site audit and provide a list of recommendations that can be handed off to your development team.

seo page quality optimization


Review content quality, formatting, above fold content, keyword targeting.

seo page load speed optimization


Test page load time, minify CSS/JS/HTML, optimize images, enable caching.

seo meta tag optimization

Meta Tag

Titles and descriptions should be optimized and unique. No duplicates.

seo site architecture


Check internal linking structure to ensure all pages are indexed.

seo code optimization


Analyze site files to eliminate bloat and write clean code.

  • “They knew how to market my business in a smart and effective way.”

    Steve B., Los Angeles Acting Coach
  • “Great job mastering a very niche industry. We suspect it’s not only about client service, it’s also a competitive thing: they want to win.”

    Jeff N., B2B Software Product
  • “I liked that their advice was always what was best for the company even if it went against what we wanted to do. Within 1 year we were moved to the first page for over 30 of our best keywords!!!”

    Jennifer S., Top Los Angeles Acting School

Want Your SEO Done Right?

We’ve helped clients from startups to the Quantcast Top 100 and Fortune 500 dramatically increase leads, sales and traffic from organic search. Our methodology is proven and you can trust us to maximize your SEO budget. Call us at (310) 736-1704 or click the button below to send us a message if you’d like to find out more about our awesome and affordable SEO service.

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