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Leverage the Largest B2B Network on the Internet

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Did you know that when it comes to lead gen, LinkedIn outperforms both Facebook and Twitter by almost 3 to 1? According to a recent study of over 5,000 companies, traffic from LinkedIn had an average conversion rate of 2.74% vs .77% for traffic from Facebook and .69% for traffic from Twitter1. In the B2B space, LinkedIn Ads convert, plain and simple. And with the Nitro Ads Team bringing years of experience and a little magic to your LinkedIn strategy, expect results.


LinkedIn Ads Management

Let’s Get You Dialed In to LinkedIn

You can accomplish some pretty impressive stuff with LinkedIn Ads and here’s why: Nowhere else on the Internet can you hyper-target such a massive volume of professionals while they’re in ‘work mode’ and looking for new opportunities, technology, and knowledge. (Hint: You can give them all three…)

linkedin professional network

Get Unprecedented Access

Access the largest professional network online.

linkedin targeting

Hyper Target Your Audience

Target industries, job positions, groups & more.

linkedin list building

Build Your List Faster

Build a targeted list up to 3x faster than Facebook/Twitter

linkedin conversion rates

Get Better Conversion Rates

Convert leads 255% better than Facebook/Twitter.

We do LinkedIn Ads Better

While LinkedIn is, on average, the best converting social channel, we refuse to settle for average. In fact, using our battle-tested B2B lead gen methodology, which includes specialized ad creatives, content pieces, landing pages, and A/B testing, we have been able to get conversion rates from LinkedIn ads 4X higher than the industry average!

Incredible Targeting Capabilities

With LinkedIn advertising platform, you can target prospects by their industry, company, company size, job title, education, skills, and even the LinkedIn groups they belong to. Utilizing LinkedIn’s diverse targeting capabilities, we can focus our marketing efforts on very specific, high-value prospects, often for incredibly low costs per acquisition.

linkedin targeting company


Target by industry, company size, or even company name.

linkedin targeting job title

Job Title

Get your message in front of everyone from CEOs to salesmen. Even filter by job function and seniority.

linkedin targeting education


Target your ads based on fields of study, degrees received, and educational institutions attended.

linkedin targeting skills


Target people based on skill sets ranging from Java development to stone carving.

linkedin targeting groups


Perhaps the most powerful option: target the members of highly specialized professional groups.

Melanie K Nelson

“Nitro’s innovative LinkedIn ad targeting strategies bring in some of our highest value leads.”

Melanie Nelson, VP Marketing, Sony MCS Sony Media Cloud Services

LinkedIn Ads Are Not Only for B2B

While LinkedIn is probably the most powerful ad platform for the B2B space, they can also be very effective for many B2C companies, especially those able to focus on high-value, professional prospects. We like to think out of the box and find innovative ways to use LinkedIn ads to drive leads for our clients. Some great examples of uses for LinkedIn ads include:

  • Restaurants looking to attract corporate accounts
  • Service providers looking to grow business accounts

  • Software companies looking to add enterprise-level accounts
  • Non-profits looking to attract high-level donors

Want Your LinkedIn Ads Done Right?

We’ve helped clients from startups to the Fortune 500 dramatically increase leads, sales and traffic using LinkedIn ads. Call us at (310) 736-1704 or click the button below to send us a message if you’d like to find out if LinkedIn ads could be the missing piece of your digital marketing strategy.

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