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Since the official launch of Pinterest ads in Jan 20151 we’ve been heavily engaged in testing the platform for our clients with some pretty impressive results. What has us most excited is the first touch conversion metrics. Equally exciting is the relatively cheap CPC’s we’re able to get. And possibly the coolest part – the lifespan of the creatives seems to be endless! Pinterest has proven to be a ‘legit’ ad channel for ecommerce, lead gen, publishing, and branding, and it’s one we’re recommending more and more.


pinterest ads management

Why Pinterest Outperforms Social Platforms

In their own words, Pinterest is actually a “search and discovery service”, not a social platform. That’s huge. Users who browse with commercial intent are sought after by advertisers because they’re more likely to convert, be it lead gen or ecommerce. We’ve found this to be true with our clients.

pinterest search discovery

We Do Pinterest Ads Better

We were one of the first agencies to begin using Promoted Pins back in January of 2015. Since then we’ve managed hundreds of thousands of dollars in Pinterest ad spend for our clients. We know the platform inside and out and we know the types of campaigns, content, creatives, and landing pages that work. Do we sound confident? We are.

We’ve helped startups, established brands, and businesses of all shapes and sizes generate high quality leads and attract motivated customers using Pinterest. Contact us for a free evaluation.

Know Your Pinterest

When considering Pinterest ads for your product, service, or brand, we’ll always determine first if we think your audience is active there and in great enough numbers. Here are some top-level stats that we use to figure this out:

  • 100M+ monthly active users2
  • 1.36M daily visitors
  • 68.2% women, 31.8% men

  • 50% users have children
  • 97% of FB fans are women
  • 28.1% earn $100k+/yr

  • 49.5% are age 25-44
  • Ave. time on site: 15.8 mins
  • 70% save or click something3


Types of Pinterest Ads

There’s more than one way to engage Pinterest users. Actually there’s three. But you can only use two of them. At least for now…

ad types promoted pin

Promoted Pins

Image and text ads native to the platform drive users to your landing pages

ad types cinematic pins

Cinematic Pins

Scroll activated video ads. Currently only available to major advertisers like Banana Republic, Gap, L’Oreal, Nestle and Target

ad types buyable pin

Buyable Pins

Allows retailers to sell their goods directly on the network using approved ecomm platforms like Shopify

Case Study: Beach Apparel Company

A San Diego based beach apparel company came to us about a year after launching their brand on Kickstarter. During that year they had survived by building a small base of Instagram ambassadors and were looking to expand and test new channels. Keeping with their grassroots, bootstrapping philosophy that had resonated well with their fans, we began testing channels. After about 6 months we found that Pinterest was delivering first touch conversions at a much higher rate than Adwords, Instagram, or Facebook. Even better, our best performing pins were continuing to drive traffic and sales month after month vs. other platforms where continual refreshing is necessary. Thanks in part to our efforts, our client is now one of the fastest growing beach apparel companies in the world.

case study pins

bruno aschidamini

“Nitro was on point when it came to managing Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Our company experienced an 8x sales increase in just the first year working with them. If you’re looking to grow fast, get Nitro on your side.”

Bruno AschidaminiSand Cloud Owner / Marketing Director

Pin the Tail on the Behemoth

When it comes to Pinterest ads, we’re a behemoth. We’ve successfully managed millions of dollars in ad spend and our team brings years of knowledge and diverse experience to bear on your ad campaigns. We’ll design strategies, messaging, copy, landing pages, and creatives that wow! We’ll hyper target and segment audiences to find the people that convert best. And, we’ll help design data driven funnels that convert Pinterest ‘lookie-loos’ into paying customers and fans of your brand.

pinterest strategy


Deliver value and reap the rewards – Pinterest users are ‘looking’ for ideas

pinterest creatives


Pinterest users like pretty things – well designed pins work best

pinterest landing pages


Make the transition to your site a smooth continuation of the Pinterest experience

pinterest audience targeting


Target Pinterest users by interest, demographic, or category

pinterest data driven funnels


Create customized experiences/flows for each of your target groups

Want Your Pinterest Ads Done Right?

We’ve been in the Pinterest game since the beginning. Our methodology is proven and you can trust us to maximize your Pinterest Ads budget. Call us at (310) 736-1704 or click the button below to send us a message if you’d like to find out more about our awesome and affordable managed service.

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