Retargeting Ads

You’ve Won This Time Visitor, But We’ll Get You Next Time!! Next Time!!!!!


98% of your leads are going to waste. Most visitors to your website will not take action on their first visit1. It takes repeat exposures (anywhere from 6-12) to get the conversion. We use retargeting ads to get those repeat exposures, nurture prospects, and close the deal. In fact, prospects are about 400% more likely to convert after seeing retargeting ads2. For lead gen and ecommerce, retargeting ads are basically a no-brainer.


retargeting ads

Our Retargeting Toolbox

We use all of the popular retargeting platforms including Google, AdRoll, Facebook, Instagram, Perfect Audience, and others to reach prospects and deliver your messaging and offers. We’re comfortable with the technical challenges that stump some agencies like hacking conversion code, creating custom audiences, and building proper URL parameters for accurate Analytics tracking.

retargeting perfect audience

retargeting instagram

retargeting adroll

retargeting google

retargeting facebook

They’ll Love You Once They Get to Know You

We’ve got all sorts of ways to kindle the fire and get your prospects burning for you. We’ll retarget with image ads, rich media ads, dynamic or liquid ads (ecommerce), video ads, and text ads. Our multimedia savvy design team is ready to bring their ‘A Game’ to your campaigns. Are you ready for 400% more conversions?

retargeting text ads


Boring old 3 line text ads through the Google Display Network can do surprisingly well

retargeting display ads


Get banner ads placements on top news, content, social, publishing, and blog sites.

retargeting liquid ads


Show your customers the products they were just browsing or your most popular products

retargeting rich media ads

Rich Media

Unleash animated HTML 5 ads and expanding ads through the display network

retargeting video ads


Video retargeting works on YouTube, Facebook, Display Network, Instagram, and more

Here’s What Smarter Retargeting Ads Management Looks Like:

With the Nitro Ads Team managing your campaigns, you can relax and let us do the obsessing. As your campaigns begin to return data we’ll make adjustments to CPC/CPM bidding, impression frequency, and conversion window in order to focus your budget on the best converting audience segments.


Impression Frequency

The last thing you want to do is irritate your prospects. We’ll fine tune the number of ads a user will see and find the sweet spot.

retargeting conversion window

Conversion Window

We’ll focus your budget on the 80% of conversions that happen within a certain time frame after the first touch.

retargeting bid optimization

Bid Optimization

Our team works tirelessly to get you the best placements and enough impression share while keeping an eye on your blended CPA.

We’ll apply our advanced methodology when structuring your campaigns. In other words, we’ll do some cool stuff that will allow us to deliver unique offers to users in different stages of the funnel, and even schedule ad campaigns to run in sequence much like email automation.

retargeting audience segmentation


Audience segmentation allows us to deliver targeted ads with messaging and incentives designed to activate your prospects.

retargeting custom audiences

Custom Audiences

We love building custom audiences in Facebook, Instagram, Google Analytics, Adroll and anywhere else that will let us!

retargeting sequencing


Like with email automation, we can set up retargeting campaigns that nurture prospects over time with sequenced messaging.

Higher Converting Ad Creatives

We’re consistently able to get high click-through (CTR) rates because we understand exactly what types of elements make a winning banner ad creative. It’s actually quite challenging to cram messaging, offer, call-to-action, button, logo, and graphics into tiny image ads that need to compete for attention (and win) on busy website pages and tiny mobile phone screens. This is why you see so much crap out there next to our stunning work 😉 Here’s a few of our past display ad winners:

  • ucla banner 160x600
  • 22 banner 160x600
  • iac banner 160x600
  • joe banner 160x600
  • pound banner 160x600
  • sand cloud banner 160x600
  • sony mcs banner 160x600

Transform Into a Behemoth, Overnight!

Perception is everything. With your retargeting ads on high profile news, content, social, and blog sites, your prospects will get the impression that you’re “everywhere”. You’ll benefit from positive association with known and established brands and in the mind of the user your company / brand may be perceived to be bigger, more trustworthy, and more reliable. Kind of like a giant golden retriever, only smarter.

giant dog

Want Your Retargeting Ads Done Right?

We’ve helped clients from startups to the Fortune 500 dramatically improve ROI across ALL channels with retargeting ads. Call us at (310) 736-1704 or click the button below to send us a message if you want to start ‘closing the loop’ on your hard-fought leads — we can help you do it…

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