Cosmetics Startup

Cosmetics Startup

We were approached by a cosmetics startup to help launch their products and promote web-based sales. When they engaged us, nothing but the product itself had been created. They needed revenue fast, and a plan for long term growth.

How Did We Do?
  • +1200% Increase in Sales over 1 Year
  • +2785% Increase in Organic Search Traffic
  • +1387% ROI on SEO Services
  • +175% ROI on Adwords

The graph below show the massive surge in all-source traffic we generated for our client.

Our ecommerce site maintained over 3% conversion rate, far exceeding the average ecommerce rate for online stores of about 1%.

case study ecommerce conversion rate

How We Did It!

Before we could do anything, we needed a place to drive leads to. In short order we had revised their logo, built a marketing/ecommerce website, produced videos, designed print materials, and more.

Through research we identified four niche markets, and launched a nationwide Adwords campaign in order to generate fast revenue, test the markets, and establish a baseline. Early data told us where to focus our efforts and which products were going to be viable – incredibly valuable insights for a new startup.

Next, we began a national SEO campaign and successfully ranked both the website and videos in the #1 spots in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Just 6 months after starting their SEO campaign, we were dominating their niche with #1 rankings in Google for 10 of their main keywords, 1st page Google rankings for 20 additional keywords, and a dozen marketing videos ranking on the first page of Google search results for their main keywords.

Our Playground

USA. Products shipped nationwide with the exception of Hawaii, Peurto Rico and Alaska. Success in the organic search results resulted in a flood of inquiries from all over the world for their specialized products.

In Our Toolbox:

Early data from Adwords informed a comprehensive SEO campaign. Targeted funnels and landing pages guided users to our goal pages.

Adwords // Advanced SEO // Landing Pages

case study cp

What They Said…

“They gave us the guidance we needed to successfully launch our products and promote web-based sales.”

case study l stewart

-Louise H Stewart, MD Clear Poreformance

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