Sushi Restaurant & Bar

Sushi Restaurant & Bar

A new sushi restaurant in Las Vegas was looking to compete with behemoth hotel chains and established sushi restaurants/bars on and off the strip. They had great sushi, but their visibility online was a 1 out of 10.

How Did We Do?
  • +935% Increase in Organic (non-brand) Search Traffic
  • #1 Google Rankings for Top 2 Keywords
  • 1st Page Google Rankings for 12 Main Keywords
  • 1st Page Google Rankings for 2 Lead Gen Videos

Here’s testament to the awesomeness we unleashed for our client – they’re still #1 for “sushi las vegas” after 2 years – the highest traffic and most competitive keyword in their niche (in both of the top slots on the page).

case study sm las vegas sushi restaurant

The graph below shows the +935% increase in highly targeted organic search traffic we generated for our client.

How We Did It!

Before we could begin marketing, our client needed a great website that could convert leads in customers. We custom designed a beautiful site complete with a menu they could update themselves, specials, an interactive map pull-down, and key info like location, phone, and specials front and center.

Our target audience for their AYCE sushi menu was largely made up of smart phone users making spur of the moment dining decisions. So, we needed to be visible not only in organic search, but also on review sites like Yelp, CitySearch, Urban Spoon, and others. We built a custom mobile site to serve these users even better.

To confuse matters, a competitor restaurant with the same business name had been operating in the area for years, which had us scratching our heads, but hey – we love a challenge. Convincing Google that our client was in fact the number one AYCE sushi restaurant in Las Vegas took about 6 months. We unleashed a massive citation building initiative and optimized for map search as part of a comprehensive local SEO campaign.

In a year, we were dominating the top 5 search results with the website and marketing videos. Search traffic to the site was a combination of loyal locals and visitors looking for the best sushi joint.

Our Playground

Las Vegas. Our focus was on both locals to Vegas and vacationers looking for a great sushi bar & restaurant.

In Our Toolbox:

At the core of our lead gen strategy was a comprehensive local SEO campaign. In addition we did web design, citation building, produced videos, and ran Twitter contests.

Advanced SEO // Landing Pages

case study sm

What They Said…

“You guys have done an incredible job with everything! I’m amazed at where we are in the Google rankings already. Thank you guys so much! We really appreciate all your hard work.”

case study l avila

-Luis Avila Sushi-Mon

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