You already know that your business needs to be online, and not just via your company website, but in all the places that you’ve heard about, including Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Google Places, etc. While just about anyone can go set up some accounts and enter the company details, it takes an expert to configure these accounts properly. Without the right techniques, tools and tricks of the trade, your business can suffer substantially.

The same potential pitfalls exist with paid advertising. Although Google will offer you a $100 coupon and 2 weeks of “free support and setup”, they will abandon you after that (not kidding!), and you will be on your own. After that happens, your ad campaign can quite quickly become a money drain for you and a boon for Google. Google has an inherent conflict of interest in managing your Pay Per Click campaigns, since the more money you spend, the more they make. Therefore, they have little incentive to optimize your campaigns to lower your ad spends and increase your profits.

Therefore, if you simply let Google set up your account and let the ads run, eventually find out that your ads don’t rank well, and your per-click cost is going through the roof. That’s why it really pays to work with an experienced consultant who can optimize your Adwords campaigns, drive down your ad costs, and increase your profit margins. These are areas in which we excel.

The truth is, there are many many ways to expand your online footprint and reach new customers. It’s important to find an experienced marketing agency you can trust to understand your business and know where best to apply your resources. At Nitro Interactive Marketing, we pride ourselves in first understanding each clients needs and goals, their market, and their competition before beginning a working relationship. What follows is a quick description of how we work:

1. Determine Your Marketing Goals and Budget

We help you decide how your marketing dollars are best spent and what is possible for the amount you have to spend. We understand that traditional marketing methods like Yellow Pages, print ads, direct mail, radio and TV are all extremely expensive and you may be spending a significant amount on this stuff already. We will explain how our services compare in terms of cost and expected returns, as well as long-term benefits for your business.

2. Plan a Course of Action

Once we have an understanding of your goals and budget, we will explain what options best suit you. With so many ways to reach people online, it can be confusing for business owners to know what to do. We will explain, in simple terms, how FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogs, Adwords, Email Marketing and other methods can be harnessed to supercharge your business.

3. Research Competition and Apply Targeted Strategies for Your Business

Once we understand your business and develop a plan, we execute a thorough investigation of your market. Determining what kind of traffic already exists for your products and services and carefully evaluating your competition is where we leave SEO companies in the dust. Years of researching competitors and finding valuable online traffic have allowed us to develop something of a sixth sense for where the money is… so to speak.

4. Begin Work and Provide Detailed Reports

After work begins, we provide you with detailed reports on our progress. Your position in the SERP’s (search results) is done with Rank Tracker (SEO Powersuite), one of the most sophisticated tools in the business. Detailed data from Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, and Adwords help us know where to concentrate our efforts, and assure you that progress is . But really, the bottom line is – how many new leads are we generating for you? Is your business getting new customers and selling more products? We can tell you in great detail which leads are as a direct result of our work.

5. Ongoing Maintenance

Anyone that tells you that maintenance isn’t vital to maintaining your positions in the SERP’s (search results) isn’t being straight with you. This also applies to your WEB 2.0 properties, which need to be populated with valuable, quality content on an ongoing basis. Maximizing your Google Places page, refining Adwords campaigns, and continuing the online dialogue with your community is essential to your longevity. We can develop an ongoing maintenance plan to ensure that your business stays relevant and profitable.


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