The bad news is that getting more traffic to your website is both difficult and expensive. But here’s the good news: you can increase your conversions and your sales through conversion optimization and split testing, often quite dramatically. All the big boys do it: Amazon, Ebay, Dell, Walmart. Now your business can see the same type of benefits from split testing that the biggest companies do.

How Does Split Testing Work?

Visitors to your website are shown variations on the original webpage we are testing. We might design and test a new “Add to Cart” button, a line of sales copy, an image, a video, an offer, anything we think might lead to more goal completions. The possibilities for what to test are literally endless, and once you get started, you won’t want to stop.

A/B Split Testing

A/B testing is usually the first line of attack when making major changes. Visitors are split 50/50 into two groups and sent either to the original webpage or the unique variation. It is possible to split visitors three ways, four ways or more, but each group will be sent to a unique variation. A/B testing generally yields faster, more conclusive results, allowing us to implement changes right away.

Multivariate Split Testing

Visitors are shown many versions of the original webpage, and individual elements to be tested are mixed and matched across variations. Multivariate testing is technologically more sophisticated, generally slower to show results, and requires a good deal of traffic. After the heavy lifting has been done with A/B testing, multivariate is useful when we want to drill down even further, and continue to increase conversions.

Why is split testing so exciting?

The following improvements are common after preliminary split testing:


increase in net profits


increase in lead generation

And the improvements don’t end there. Ongoing split testing leads to a steady and continual increase in conversions, sales, and email opt-ins. Unlike SEO and PPC, which both require a good degree of finesse, split testing is very predictable. It’s basic math: we make slight changes to your website, keep those that convert better, and lose those that don’t.


We have relied on the expertise of Nitro Interactive to set up our marketing plan which has resulted in steadily growing revenues

Louise Stewart, M.D.Nationwide Cosmetic Brand eCommerce Store


Do Nothing. This one is on us.

You (and your web designer) don’t have to lift a finger – we’ll do it all for you. Once we install the tracking code on your site, we continually run A/B and/or multivariate split tests of your website on our servers. Each single change in a headline, font, color, button size, etc, might improve conversions slightly, sometimes dramatically. Over time, these tweaks can lead to a significant increase in sales. And once we your site is finely tuned and converting like crazy, we will work with your designer to implement the final code changes into your site.

All you have to do is sit back and let the sales roll in. Interested?

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