No element of your marketing campaign is more essential to your firm’s long-term survival and prosperity than your client and prospect list. Proper handling of your customer list can dramatically increase your existing revenues and reveal exciting new profit centers that far too many businesses leave untapped.

Contrary to what some businesses do, a successful email campaign will have psychological triggers and subtle marketing techniques built into the copy and id structured to activate readers. We use proven methods and time-tested email marketing techniques in order to get the best response. Most importantly, any email campaign should establish you as the resident expert in your field as you continue to provide good quality information to your readers. By offering your expertise at regular intervals, you can slip in your special offers and new products and services.

We are experts in email lead capture, list growing, and the cultivation of relationships with both new prospects and existing customers.

Autoresponder Email Management Includes:

  • Setup and configuration of personalized email auto-responder
  • Manage contact list, add new sign-ups
  • Monthly evaluation of auto-responder conversion rates
  • Recommendations for email list opt-in incentivisation
  • Discuss creation of optional email campaigns to nurture customer list and dramatically increase profits

      Autoresponder setup is a one-time fee (pricing varies).

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