Use of online video is simply one the fastest, easiest, and best converting ways to drive traffic to your site and business and to attract new customers. Simple, brief online videos allow you to connect on an intimate, personal level with prospects that is just not possible through on the same level through any other means. Video also positions you quickly and easily as an authority in your local niche, garnering instant respect and mini-celebrity status for you and your business.

In addition to including video on your website and YouTube channel, it is possible to get videos ranked in the search engines alongside your website and other online properties. The visual aspect of the thumbnail amongst a page full of text is compelling for searchers. It has been shown time and time again that even if a video isn’t at the top of the page – it will still manage to steal a significant chunk of the traffic simply because people respond better to pictures than text.

The most effective videos are the simplest and most direct, and if you can talk to a customer, then you will have absolutely no problem filming one. These videos also can convert prospects into customers at an amazing rate, perhaps higher then any other medium, online or off. We highly recommend incorporating them into your marketing plan.

Video Production: Shooting, Editing & Distribution

We shoot video in 1280x720p HD with a semi-professional camera, sound and lighting package made for producing web videos. Upgrade to a professional camera, sound, lighting package for an additional fee if desired. We provide basic script outlines for each video emphasizing key points and a closing “call to action”. Your name title is included at the beginning of the video and website URL at the end.

  • Shoot and produce (3-5) one-minute informal videos relevant to keyword topics
  • Basic Script outline provided
  • Basic editing with titles and export to MP4 video format
  • Upload to YouTube
  • YouTube Channel setup and optimization
  • Embed codes provided to your web developer for use on company website

Video SEO: Your Vidoes in the Organic Search Results

Google loves YouTube. Why? Well, they own it! So, videos rank much easier and quicker in the organic results than a traditional HTML/PHP website. In fact, almost 10x as fast! Even better, the click-through rate on videos is through the roof because users are attracted to the thumbnail image over the text based results. And the icing on the cake? People retain information far better when they hear it in a video and are far more likely to hear your whole message including your call to action at the end of the clip.

  • Optimize videos to rank in the 1st page search results
  • Distribution to top ranking video websites like YouTube, MetaCafe, etc.


*Pricing varies on a per project basis

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