The great thing about our work, is that our clients successes can be measured in exact numbers, with little margin for error. Tracking software and analytics make it possible for us to continually adjust our strategy and refine our approach, putting our clients on the fast track to the top.

Below you will find client case studies that show dramatic increases in targeted traffic, resulting in increased sales. Please note that it is our policy to protect the identity of all of our clients in order to keep our proprietary methods secret, and maintain our competitive edge.

Client Case Study #1: Cosmetics eCommerce Website

National SEO campaign for cosmetic product startup company ecommerce website. We identified four new markets for their top products and successfully ranked the website and videos in the #1 spots in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Just 6 months after starting their SEO campaign, they were dominating their niche. The results they received include:

  • #1 rankings in Google for 10 of their main keywords
  • 1st page Google rankings for 20 additional keywords
  • Youtube videos ranking on the first page of Google search results for main keywords

As you can see in the graphic below, these clients were at or near the top of the search results for almost all of their relevant keywords.

They have also maintained almost all of these ranking positions for over one year and counting now.

The traffic in this client’s niche is valued at $1.85 per visitor (which was the average price per click they paid during a 6 month Google Adwords campaign)

The SEO campaign was hugely successful for them, no matter how you crunch the numbers. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Clients received a 1387% ROI on their investment in our SEO services
  • They received $20,800 in Adwords traffic value for every $1,500 spent on SEO
  • They experienced a 1200% increase in sales over the course of one year

These clients are still reaping the benefits of this SEO campaign. While Adwords can be great to get fast traffic (we used it to launch these clients and to collect traffic and conversion data), this case study show just how much more cost effective SEO can be.

Client Case Study #2: Top LA Acting School

This client, a top LA acting school, is in a very competitive business niche. Each of their main keywords has many competing business sites with high numbers of backlinks. Furthermore, when we started working with them, they were nowhere to be found in the search results for most of their keywords.

After six months of SEO, they experienced incredible growth in website traffic and search engine rankings for their most sought after keywords.

Their results to date include:

  • First page Google rankings for 27 of 30 top keywords
  • Top 5 Google rankings for 14 sought after keywords
  • Search traffic up over 1900% over the course of just 6 months

The chart below shows their current rankings for their top 30 keywords in the three major search engines, Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

As the graph below shows, they have seen an absolute surge in website traffic since we started SEO services for their business. The traffic we are sending them is highly targeted to their specific services.

Client Case Study #3: Upscale Dermatology Clinic

This client was essentially receiving low levels Internet traffic in their highly competitive niche when we began our SEO campaign form them. As a result of the campaign, the client saw a quick and dramatic increase in traffic over the first two months.

Over the rest of the year, traffic continued to grow, and we were able to achieve the following results for the client:

  • #1 rankings in Google for their top two keywords.
  • First page Google rankings for 6 main keywords
  • 1500% increase in free traffic from search engines
  • Substantially increased company profits

The graphic below shows the current status of the client’s rankings along with a graph of their year-long rise in traffic.

Client Case Study #4: Gourmet Restaurant

This client opened a brand new restaurant in a relatively crowded and competitive market. Despite the brand new website, we were able to get their business ranked in the ten Google results in less than three moths for 12 target keywords.

Highlights of the results we achieved for them include:

  • #1 rankings in Google for their top two keywords.
  • First page Google rankings for 12 main keywords
  • two videos also ranking on the first page of Google for their main keywords

As a result, we were able to create a dominating presence for the brand new restaurant in their competitive local niche, surpassing many other long-established businesses in the process.

The chart below shows the rankings we achieved for this client in Google, Yahoo, and Bing, while the graph shows the strong growth in website traffic they received as a result of our SEO services.

As this business exemplifies, even brand new companies can surge past far more established firms with the help of an experienced SEO agency.

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