The Nitro Method

The How, What, and Why We Do This.

Our goal in working with clients is simple: we aim to get them more leads and convert more of those leads into sales and paying customers. Everything else that we do is simply a means to that end. Specifically, we build an integrated online marketing system for each of our clients based on their business goals. Once we understand your goals, we’ll map out a strategy to help you achieve them using a customized version of our five point Nitro Method:

1 Design a powerful integrated marketing strategy to attract new customers.

2 Leverage social media sites to increase your online authority.

3 Find untapped niche markets and position your brand there.

4 Increase conversion rate, both online and offline.

5 Maximize returns from your website visitors, turning them into repeat buyers.

Why choose Nitro to take your business to the next level?

We have helped many businesses just like yours get more customers and dramatically increase revenue. Because of our diverse experience, we’re uniquely positioned to evaluate your business and identify strengths and weaknesses both online and offline.

Why We Avoid Generic Proposals

We believe is unethical to quote prices and make specific recommendations before we learn about your business, your market, and your goals. How can we possibly tell you what you need if we don’t know anything about you?

In order to tell you what you need, we have to get to know your business and determine if online marketing even makes sense for you. We only take on clients if, after thorough analysis, we believe that we can make you a lot more money, and that you will see a return that is a high multiple of any fee we may charge.

Your ultimate goal is to make more money, so let us help you figure out the best way to do that. Forget the proposal and let’s begin a fact finding mission in order to expose weaknesses, opportunities, and untapped markets. We’re not interested in ‘selling’ you on our services, we’re interested in positioning you for rapid growth by implementing a custom strategy.

Why You Should Avoid “One-Size-Fits-All” Solutions

If you have received a number of proposals from SEO companies, you are probably faced with trying to decipher lists of techno babble items and pre-set pricing based on “link building” packages. In our opinion, these proposals aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on. In fact, this type of SEO can be worse than worthless – it can get your website banned from Google and possibly even destroy your business.

To learn what Google thinks about link building that includes “article marketing”, “directory submissions”, “blog commenting”, and “social bookmarking”, you can read this recent post on their official blog here and the guidelines on Google Webmaster Central here. Want the shorthand version? If you read a proposal that includes these techniques, run for the hills!

Ok, So How do we do it?

First, we launch a fact-finding mission in order to learn about your business by asking important questions, like:

Which products and services are currently most profitable? Is your presence on social media sites converting traffic into paying customers? What is ideal your customer profile? What is your lifetime customer value? What is a fair cost per lead? What current and past marketing efforts have worked or failed? How are you currently tracking leads? What is your conversion rate? What is your current top line multiple of marketing spend?

Not sure? Not to worry, we can help you figure this stuff out.

Once we understand your current position, we’ll perform a thorough competitor analysis in order to expose openings in the marketplace to capitalize on. Sure, some of your competitors are hard at work too, but finding ways to outsmart and outclass them is just the game we love.

Once we agree on a direction, we’ll use any of the following to connect with and activate new and existing customers: advanced SEO, Adwords, A/B & multivariate split-testing, lead capture, list building, relationship marketing, social media, video, webinars, etc.

Each step of the way, we’ll be finding new ways to increase conversions, making the most of your website traffic in order to achieve the maximum possible growth for your business.

Why Do We Do This?

If you’re not sure ‘why’ the people you are entrusting your business to are even in business, you’re in trouble! For us, it’s simple:

We love the Internet. The Internet represents opportunity for everyone, and unprecedented access to the best information, products, and services. While it’s true that major search engines like Google, as well as media giants and special interests are conspiring to change that, opportunity still exists if you know ‘how’ to play your cards. If you’re interested in keeping the Internet free, go here.

We love game. The competitive nature of the Internet brings out the best in us. We’ve learned that if you play by the rules but you’re the best player in the game, you can position yourself right in the money. If you have a great business, that means you’ve put a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and time equity into building your current success. The missing piece of the puzzle for most businesses is knowing how to expand that success to the Internet where the potential for growth is unlimited. Working with like-minded people to achieve their goals is not only a challenge, it’s a journey to somewhere we’ve never been before.

Introducing Nitro Interactive

We are a boutique marketing agency specializing in Advanced SEO, Adwords, Lead Capture, Split-Testing, Email Marketing, and more. Partners Kelcey Parker and Scott Russell founded Nitro Interactive in 2009 on the same principles that guided their past online successes, and continue to adhere to the highest standards and ethics.

Because we keep a small client list, we are far more nimble than larger agencies, allowing us to adjust or reinvent our systems and strategies for ALL of our clients when the playing field changes.

Are our companies a match?

We’re looking for looking for highly motivated business owners that already know that the Internet is the single most powerful way to explode their business. We have the experience and expertise to help you tap into the jetstream of buying traffic online. Let’s find out if we can work together to achieve your marketing goals, and along the way we’ll share in your success.

Call us at (310) 736 1704 or use the contact form below to get in touch and see how we might help you achieve your marketing goals.

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